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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

19th May
  • Day Two of the Altador Press Tour is here! You can now hear more on the recent whereabouts from Tyrannia, Faerieland & Altador! Seems like they are really shelling out info about player changes and feats from last year, so be sure to tune into these exclusive interviews!

  • Nod your head if you like Blumaroos and then come to Roo Island Souvenirs for a Blumaroo Bobblehead! It’s almost as if they’re agreeing to everything you say, or listening to a very catchy tune. Come check it out and get your bobble on as well!

  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is coming soon! Check out some of the great new stories or read through the Editorial for the answers to some of the most buzzed-about questions around Neopia.

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with a random assortment of images to get you through the weekend! Check them out!

  • Congratulations to the latest Beauty Contest winners – Tivayu, Yolann, and Swimming_maddness! Head over to the contest page to check out the top 3 entries or vote for your favourite entry in the next round of competition!

  • NC MALL NEWS: Today we welcome all new items for Faerieland, Altador & Tyrannia! These garlands sure do pop! Add them to your collection to be a part of the widespread spirit overtaking Neopia! And of course be sure to take trip back in time with the re-released items from previous Cups!

18th May
  • (Trumpets sound, Confetti Blasts) Today we are rolling out the red carpet as it's officially the first day of the Altador Cup Press Tour! Tune in every day for a new press release from all of Neopia's teams! After today’s Pre-Tournament Press announcement, fans of Maraqua, Kiko Lake and Moltara have something to cheer about. These three teams are officially heading to Altador Cup XIII!

  • Whether you prefer the finer foods in life or the simple things, Exquisite Ambrosia has something for you! Today we've got Lemon Butter and Sweet Corn Scallops & a Cheese Noodle Sandwich, what a pair, which will you have? Maybe both? Decisions decisions…

  • Congratulations to Gwyneth, the winner of this week’s Petpet Spotlight. You can learn more about this Ganuthor owned by cosmicfire918 if you head to the spotlight page now! Do you love your Petpet? Then show us your portrait and story for a chance to be highlighted! Petpets need love too!

  • Explore the depths of Neopia to try your luck and guess this week's Mystery Picture! There are 2,000,000 Neopoints at stake so guess now!

  • NC MALL NEWS: This year to celebrate the games, the NC Mall is rolling out all new items and bringing back some old items as well! Today we've got garlands for Moltara, Maraqua and Kiko Lake, bring home these decorative items to really get in the spirit! And be sure to get nostalgic with some items from previous years!

17th May
  • The Words of Antiquity Shop has these all new Qasalan Tablets which are great for …trying to read. Hmm, they’re so ancient, what do they mean? Better get your hands on one to crack the code!

  • The Petpet Protection League is back for another weekly surprise as we announce our winner for week 654 - Red Avabot. Beep bo beep this petpet can compute the weather!

  • Do you have what it takes to challenge, Lupes and Snow Beasts in Better Than You? Fancy taking up the challenge and winning some wonderful prizes?

  • Random Contest is here again! And with Altador Cup coming up, we want to know what you think your favorite players are doing to prepare for the games this year. So whether it's obsessively polishing their trophy case or doing exactly 50 jumping jacks per day, the rituals are strange but helpful. Illustrate to us what you think. This contest will close 10 AM NST on June 8th!

16th May
  • Abigail & AAA would like to personally thank you for participating in this year's Daily Dare! Even though you were simply no match for them XD. But ‘till next time, they bid you adieu!

  • The Clothing Shop has a unique new fashion accessory today! Try on this Trumpadon Fossil necklace for a trip back to ancient times!

  • The Gallery Spotlight has been updated. Check out the winning selection, titled "Chris' Great Shoes" which is owned by cp378!

  • Don't forget to congratulate fellow Neopian, yuki102322, for winning User Lookup of the Week with their "Pastel Kawaii World" lookup page!

15th May - Moehog Day
  • MERCH NEWS: We are rattling with good news today! Overpowered has released new pins!!! Baby pins to be precise. Introducing Shoyru, Kougra and Kacheek Baby Pins! You can score these adorable pins now on presale! Receive an additional exclusive prize code to collect wondrous prizes ;)

  • This year's Daily Dare has been a blast, and it is coming to an end, how'd you do? Challenging AAA and Abigail is always a great way to put your skills to the test! May 15th is the last day so be sure to fulfill all the fun dares from this year games before it ends! And if you'd like to vacation with Lulu be sure to grab your tickets today!

  • Moehog Day is a time to celebrate the old and the new! The Rainbow Pool is overflowing with joy with the new Elderlyboy & Elderlygirl Paintbrush! Check em out now at the Pool or Lab Ray!

  • Need the perfect outfit for Moehog day to get all dolled up in? Then head over to the Clothing Shop where you can find this adorable Moehog Doll Outfit!

  • In case you forgot, there is free training for all pets on their pet day! Today all Moehogs get FREE training from Cap'n Threelegs, so head on over and train, train, train!

  • It's time to see all the forms and fashions you have all styled yourselves this week. Stop by and check out all the inspired winners from this week's Customisation Spotlight!

  • A very special shout out to obviously_not_insane and their Grundo, for winning this week's Neopet Pet Spotlight!

  • An Ode to the Moehog is surely in order, here are some special poems for this great pet day! Get your poem fix today!

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