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Pet Name: 22champion
Owner: janderson_lee
Breed: Wocky

About 22champion:
The Angel Reflection

22champion was a normal fairy from any other in the fairieland. Since the fairieland dropped at the ground, Champion can know the earth, was delighted with flowers.She loved to spend hours and hours enjoying the scent, the colors, every detail that the flowers surrounding the ruins of the kingdom, could delight your eyes. She thought it would be possible to her appearance would be as delicate and lovely as a flower, after all, had never seen her reflection. It seems impossible, but rare are the fairies who had contact with mirrors.

They became prohibited after Fyora battled Xandra and his evil plan against the land of fairies. But Champion innocent, in one of his visits to forest flowers, noticed a strange glow amid vegetation. "What's that glow?" Approaching, he found a mirror shard amid grass. was startled to see the image of the sky reflected there, "would be a magical artifact?". Overcome fear to hold the foreign object. Champion amazed when you see reflected there "is how I am?".

It was far from looking like some flower ever seen, it was closer to an aberration. His eyes were small, which most thought beautiful, beyond the wings, were the eyes. Her wings had little brightness compared to that others known. But worst of all was his purple skin, gave him an apathetic tone, refering a deep sadness that seemed to take echo of your whole body. It does not fit particularly anything that known as "beauty". Not even came close to being a flower. So sadly, she left the mirror shard falling into the grass. Frustration dominated his chest, "for so long, I figured it was a totally different person than I saw reflected there, so that I lived a lie all this time in my life?".

She did not know to do anything but cry, watering with the tears the flowers around. The small Champion did not understand that beauty is a matter of angle, which can be beautiful for someone and can be ugly to another. The society said patterns of shapes and symmetry to the body, as if we would come to a factory, where we are created in perfect molds. What is outside the "standard" is considered ugly. This culture is destroying the lives of many people, causing them to do crazy things in the name of beauty. Our little Champion now think she is imperfect for their society, think about changing your body to "adapt" to the standards. That's right she mistreat much yourself? Is this right?

Do not cry little fairy!" Exclaimed Fyora. Champion was startled by the apparition, "Fyora? I thought never to leave his castle." In the midst of a smile, the fairy queen embraced Champion, "You knew that I too am a normal person in my spare time? Not'm always saving the world. But it does not come to the case, in now I want to know why are you crying, my sweet?".

Champion felt a deep shame to talk, at the same time, the feeling was tearing him up inside. Will be whether to even talk? "Fear not! I just want to help you hear what torments her sweet little heart!" She cherished with Fyora and his wise words. "I always wondered how it was my appearance, and today I had such an opportunity." a tear ran down his face, "I just did not know it would be so painful to realize that I do not look anything like the flowers that I love so much, not with the other in the kingdom. I feel like a freak, who was walking with a bag on head. I grew up thinking it was a beautiful, gracious person, but it was all a lie. My whole life was a lie and I ... "Fyora hugged her, interrupting her speech. "Calm my angel, calm. Let's look at the flowers around us," the two turned their attention to the florida forest. Fyora continued, "There is no perfect pattern of how our bodies should be, are the people who invented it. You are beautiful and graceful! Stop judging your way and forget all content that dwells within you. That yes is wrong ! you appreciate both the details of flowers, why not give more attention to your details? Beauty is only a matter of look. no matter what others say about you, the important thing is you know who am and like it is. I know it is hard work to get rid of the thought that has grown along with you, it is easier to learn new things than to dispose of old things . But if life were easy, do you think would be happy?"

Champion had stopped crying in front of the beautiful words of Fyora, she realized how foolish he had been, had to rely more on itself. "Fyora, and if I can not love me?" Asked the astonished her suddenly. Fyora had already taken off and returned to the castle, apo away Champion could hear "Everything is a matter of wanting!".
Champion at that time did not understand, but something was changing inside her. She seemed to understand what was really the concept of beauty. Went beyond outward appearances. The Sages say that angels are beings that are beautiful on the outside and inside ... Champion did not want to be fairy, because most people only judged by what appeared to be her exterior. She wanted to reflect an angel, be beautiful first inside.

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