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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: junoa
Owner: chasing_stars44
Breed: Usul

About junoa:
"I hope you enjoyed your stay in Neovia, Mr. Avery," Junoa said to the camouflage Krawk.

"No, Junoa, I keep telling you to call me Victor," Victor replied. "And yes, I had a wonderful time in Neovia."

Victor and Junoa walked along the streets of Neovia as they were talking. It was a cool night. A thin layer of fog flowed through the downtown area. The street lights casted a golden yellow glow on everything.

"Why must you leave so soon, though? I thought you were staying through the end of the month," Junoa asked.

"I thought I was going to stay that long, too," Victor replied. "I just thought it'd be best to return to Brightvale sooner rather than later."

"Why is that?"

Victor looked at the ground. "Oh, I don't want to worry you."

Junoa pouted and crossed her arms. "Just tell me."

The Krawk sighed. "Well, I've heard rumors that there was a wraith lurking around Neovia."

Junoa's eyes widened. She didn't know about rumors of a wraith in Neovia. That wasn't good. Then again, with everything that Junoa was doing right now, it was bound to happen at some point. She should have see that coming and done something about it when she had the chance.

As angry as she was, the Usul did her best to appear surprised. "A wraith in Neovia?" she asked.

Victor nodded. "Yes. They're only rumors, but they still worry me. I want to leave now before anything bad happens."

Junoa forced a laugh. "Victor, you cannot be serious. I know Neovia is near the Haunted Woods, but I doubt a wraith could be here. Where would one be?"

"I don't know, but I'd rather not risk finding out."

Junoa could feel the rage building up inside of her. She kept telling herself to remain calm, since now would be the worst possible time to lash out. She couldn't keep it in for much longer.

"Where did you hear this rumor from, if I may ask?" Junoa asked.

"Some Kougra and Korbat told me about it the other day. I didn't get their names, but-"

Junoa knew exactly who he was talking about. She couldn't keep in her anger for much longer. She needed to get out of sight. The last thing she wanted right now was to prove that rumor true.

"I hope you can return to Neovia sometime soon," Junoa said politely. "I am sorry, but I must get back home. It is getting late, after all."

"Alright, I understand. I will talk to you soon."

Junoa quickly walked off. Once she was sure she was out of Victor's sight, she began to run. Her body began to lose form as she was running. Junoa fought to keep herself from showing her true self until she was back at her home.

The Usul ran up the steps to her home and dashed inside. Letting out her anger at the entrance would be a bad idea, though. She wanted to be sure that nobody would hear her and her neighbors would certainly notice.

The basement. Nobody would hear her there.

Junoa dashed down the stairs into the basement. She then let all of her anger out. She lost her Usul form and formed into a shapeless wraith. The wraith let out a gutteral screech and scratched up a wall to release her anger.

"Those nosy little brats," Junoa hissed. She formed back into an Usul. She smoothed out her hair to get them back into smooth curls. "How dare they tell anyone that I'm in Neovia." She slammed her fist into the splintered wall. "They must really want me gone, don't they? If they've gotten to the point where they have to warn Neovia about me, they must be getting desperate.

"Still, I don't want these rumors to continue. I'll have to cut them off at the source." Junoa growled. "Once I get my hands on those two..."

She let out another screech and continued to attack the wall. After an entire minute, she calmed back down. Junoa looked at the damage she caused to her wall. That was going to be a pain to fix.

Junoa wasn't going to worry about that now. She had bigger problems to deal with.

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